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JunZeJun has a dedicated compliance team of proficient lawyers with strong compliance experience in prestigious law firms, multinational corporations (for example, IBM, Dell, and Pepsi) and even government agencies. We are able to represent clients in wide range of compliance matters, such as anti-corruption and anti-bribery, export control, sanctions and trade compliance, data security and privacy protection, fair competition, anti-fraud, and business ethics, etc.


We have advised clients on various compliance issues, represented clients in connection with  enquiries and investigations initiated by domestic and foreign regulators, advised clients in internal investigations and due  diligence exercises, helped clients on establishing and/or improving their compliance programs, assisted clients on risk screening and compliance research on certain topics, provided compliance and integrity trainings to clients. We have published a few books on compliance topics, such as Research Report on Chinese Enterprises "Going Out", Export Compliance Guidelines for Chinese Enterprises, Compliance Report of International Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery, and Compliance Guidelines for Chinese Enterprises.  Our clients are from a broad variety of industries, such as financial sector, logistics, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical device, bio-tech, IT, science & technology, manufacturing, consumer goods, etc.

Legal services provided by JunZeJun in this area mainly include:
Designing and developing compliance systems Acting for clients on matters in relation to enquiries and/or investigations launched by domestic and foreign regulatory authorities
Assisting clients on internal investigations as external counsel Assisting clients in due diligence efforts in transactions, M&As, third-party on-boarding and employee hiring
Risk screening and spotting Providing compliance research and observation/insight on certain country, industry, or new business development
Providing legal analysis and opinion on various compliance issues Providing compliance and integrity training


Leading Lawyers
Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery

We provide full legal services on anti-corruption and anti-bribery matters in connection with key anti-corruption laws (such as the Chinese anti-corruption laws, US FCPA, and UK Bribery Act) and international rules.

Export Control, Sanctions & Trade Compliance

We provide full legal services in relation to US and EU export control, sanctions, anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, customs compliance and other trade compliance issues.

Data Security and Privacy Protection

We provide data screening services, cross-board data transferring assessment and guidance, classified protection of data mainly based on the Chinese Cyber-Security Law and GDPR.

Business Ethics & Compliance

We are skilled in tailored designing compliance systems in accordance with the applicable legal requirements and guidelines on evaluation of adequacy and effectiveness of compliance program. We are particularly adept at risk screening and internal investigations related to financial integrity, bribery and kickback, conflict of interest, bidding compliance, confidentiality and providing legal suggestion based on the investigation findings. 


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